Transactional data, navigational data, networks … Customer data is becoming more and more diverse and its volume is increasing exponentially. Customer data represents a true capital and a unique opportunity for any company and the key to improving performance … provided that it can be quickly transformed into knowledge that can be activated. Existing solutions are not adapted to these new requirements:

Companies need a new solution. As simple as a BI solution, as intuitive as a spreadsheet, as powerful as a data mining solution. It must not only meet the needs of dataminers, but also those of marketers, business and data managers, who are increasingly likely to integrate the data in their thinking and their daily activities.

Nearly 20 years of expertise in marketing data allowed us to imagine and create KNOWLBOX, a single analytical platform dedicated to customer knowledge, designed to meet the new expectations of businesses and democratize customer knowledge.

COMPLEX SYSTEMS bring its expertise to guarantee tailor-made solutions which fit your company strategy.

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