The « Data Scientist Inside » means a data scientst inside the program.This fully innovative concept is revolutionizing analytics.

Traditional tools provide a set of algorithms, leaving it to the user to choose the one that seems most suitable. Whith the “Data Scientist Inside” concept, KNOWLBOX offers a range of business analytics modules directly. The necessary expertise lies inside the tool: the analysis elements (populations, criteria) are readily available, the selection and implementation of algorithms are automatic and optimized.

Directly deployed within the database, KNOWLBOX has always fresh data to date, and immediately usable. At any time, in 2 clicks, new data can be added to a current analysis, without having to restart the whole analytial process.

Thanks to the “Data Scientist Inside”, analytics is not only simpler but also about 10 times faster.

Customer knowledge allow to identify different customer experience, highlight the criteria that trigger a purchase, measure responsiveness to sending of newsletters or commercial solicitations, understand the behavior on a website, etc. It is essential to develop an effective marketing strategy.
Such information is essential, and you must be absolutely sure about them. With KNOWLBOX, the results presented are validated by tests of statistical significance. You’re sure to draw correct conclusions and make decisions with confidence.


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For some, the KNOWLBOX predictive capabilities cause a real wow effect!

Knowledge of customer behavior does not allow alone to anticipate consumer expectations and their future behavior. Only predictive applications can predict the future. These are recommendation models, targeting scores, predictions of potential … In a heavily competitive environment, effective predictive applications must be developed and deployed quickly and regularly updated with new data.

With KNOWLBOX, predictive models are developed with few clicks. The models are robust and powerful, thanks to the implementation of advanced technologies. Model deployment in the production universe is carried out using the same processing than that of the analysis, thus both error-free, very simply and quickly. Always connected to the database, the models are updated in real time.

With KNOWLBOX, increase the IQ of your CRM! Whatever the kind of your business, KNOWLBOX helps you make best use of all your data to take good decisions business.You improve the ROI of your multichanel strategy, customize your offers to retain your customers and grow your business through data.


With the “Data Scientist Inside” the expert is within the tool. Exploiting the data then becomes very simple. No need to be dataminer yourself. The process is largely automated and analysis modules are designed to directly address marketing issues.


Analyses are performed directly in the database, making use of the power of the server. The templates are then deployed ​​in the base or to files in the same stream and in minutes

knowlBOX is a solution for all data. With a native database connection to an Amazon REDSHIFT big database, customer knowledge has no limits!

KNOWLBOX directly queries the database, and uses proven algorithms. You have permanent access to all the SQL used, and can even change it.

knowlBOX does not induce side IS costs, and can be deployed within hours on the main bases (MySQL, Oracle, SQLite, SQLite, and the cloud amazon RDS database …). For the marketing department, results are immediate, and immediately convertible into action.

KNOWLBOX is datamining freely. You only pay for what you use. No hidden costs no commitment. A simple monthly rental that you stop when you want … and start over on your needs.

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With KNOWLBOX, she works faster, directly into the database by exploiting a platform dedicated to marketing issues.


KNOWLBOX lists potential customers and expands his sales.


With KNOWLBOX, she has a solution that allows her to use all data without data mining expertise, simply using her knowledge of the database.


It optimizes its strategy, prepares its marketing operations, and increase their ROI.

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