The analytical customer knowledge platform, the shortest path between your data and your optimized strategy

A truly innovative datamining solution, KNOWLBOX offers pre-packaged analyzes dedicated to marketing. Develop a segmentation to tailor marketing pressure, or implement predictive models to improve the performance of your actions no longer require more than a few clicks.

Based on the concept of “Data Scientist Inside” KNOWLBOX supports all phases of a project, including time-consuming and tedious preliminary steps. Gone are the usual steps of extracting data, recoding, handling missing values​​, calculation of aggregates, choice and configuration algorithms … The analyzes are simply 10 times faster.

Simplicity, speed, agility, transparency, ease of deployment models. The dataminers discover a new way of data mining. Stunning!

And all businesses, especially those that do not have data but expert business users, marketing, sales, data managers can finally exploit their capital data.La customer knowledge is only a few clicks of data !


Our Data Scientists available for your marketing problems

Whatever your industry, B2B, B2C and NGOs, our data analysis consulting service analyses your capital, outsourced.

This gives you a data expertise of nearly 20 years and hundreds of studies. And because every business is unique, we tailor our proven methodologies to meet your specific problem.

The tools we use allow us to apply methods of work “agile”. Your data is integrated into a platform dedicated KNOWLBOX; you get very quickly the first results, and can follow the progress of your study. This ensures the perfect match to your expectations of deliverables and operational outcome.


An offer customer-oriented and dedicated to sales and marketing profiles

Our solutions have been designed to meet a wide range of customer needs.
Our products are the result of years of research and development.

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